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EV electric highway

The 2024 Western Australia Tourism Conference has been a wonderful way to connect with industry and continue to learn and grow collectively.

One of the exciting discussions was on the improvements to our Electric vehicle charging stations.

Julie from Horison gave a wonderful talk about what is happening in linking up Western Australian communities.

In our region, we have seen RAC powering an electric highway through the region. This has also seen an increase in visitors rqvelling via electric vehicle and stopping off for lunch or coffee whilst they top up in town.

Julie mentioned th Charge Fox app was the best one to get - it shows all power options for ev drivers throughout Australia and is available on both Apple and android.

Pemberton maybe considered in the middle of 'nowhere' however we are linked by this incredible network of charging stations making access through our region easy and achievable.

I thought it too good not to share!

Anyhow if you are thinking of travelling through our region in your ev - we have not yet got there with our tours, but are heading in the right direction with our sustainable tours. So park up and join us onboard so we can show you 'the BEST off the Highway!'

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