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Join us in Documentary Australia’s Film Festival

This coming July, Documentary Australia are giving us a chance to cuddle up on the couch and watch some inspirational and environmentally charged documentaries for free!

Join us for Documentary Australia’s Environmental Accelerator Film Festival, available online below from 19-28 July with our friends at ACMI. The festival showcases all six

of our program-supported films together for the first time, including Climate Changers, Delikado, The Giants, Rachel’s Farm, Greenhouse by Joost, and Stay Tuned To Our Planet.

Learn from Tim Flannery and the climate leaders he encounters around the world; Tata Balladares and environmental land defenders in the Philippines; Bob Brown and his mission to protect our precious ecosystems; Rachel Ward and her journey to adopt sustainable farming practices; zero-waste icon Joost Bakker and his story of building a self-sustaining home; and YouTuber Mat McKenna who spotlights everyday climate actions for young people to get involved.

Register for the online film festival by clicking ‘Rent’ above and join the movement to accelerate action for our environment.

Supported by Intrepid Travel, the Environmental Accelerator aims to increase awareness and action on a range of pressing environmental issues by using documentary storytelling as a tool to create change.

Missed the link? Here it is again


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