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Wildflowers 2013
Steve Parish
Beautiful flowers
Forest discovery
Seasonal wildflower tours

Western Australia is a well recognized destination for its stunning annual display of wildflowers.


Around 11,000 flora species are found in WA and over 75% are found in the south-west, one of the top 10 biodiversity hotspots in the world

This tour gives visitors an insite into the local flora of the Karri understory and travels through the coastal heath..


Adults $150pp

Concession $140pp

Family (2A & 2C) $450

Children (U15) $85pp

Private Charter ~ (Up to 6 Adults or a small family group) $990

Private Charter ~ (Up to 13 passengers in the Arkana) $1500

Tours depart at 9am or 2pm depending on availability (usually one time)


Tours seat a minumum of 2 passengers and maximum of 19 in 2 vehicles  (larger groups available on request)

Tours include lunch or afternoon tea, National Park Entry Fees and GST.

Prices current to March 2019

Please note: We do prefer our clients contacting us direct via email or phone 08 9776 0484 as we may have availability that has not been updated and also prefer to get to know you a little before we take you out!

An Outstanding Adventure For All

We have done many guided family tours around the world and this has been one of the best.


In four hours we walked in a massive Karri forest in D'Entrecasteaux National Park, drove across (and ran down!) amazing sand dunes out to see the Great Southern ocean (whales spotted).


We felt safe and secure with our knowledgable and friendly guide.


In Spring the tour is worth the trip to Pemberton just to see the wildflowers alone.

Richard 2015




September through to November every year


The Beach & Forest Eco Adventure goes technicolor during this time - it gives visitors an insite into the local flora of the Karri understory and travels through the coastal heath. You will be travelling through 4 different ecosystems and seeing different flowering times on each leg of the journey.


It is recommended for young and old - in fact the oldest person on this trip was 96 years old yelling Yee - haa from the back seat!

On occasion we are fortunate to have very special guests join us - on occasion at an extra cost, or in this case sponsored by the Northcliffe Visitors Centre.

Welcome Sophie Xiang, she joined us in October 23 on the Beach & Forest Eco Adventure and I have included her blog post here. So bring your iphone / smartphone camera and learn tips and tricks on how to use it! 

To book - just jump on our website (Book Now) 

We often have special guests join us, like Christine Wilder, ornathologist, who jumped onboard in November to discover the birds who call our forests, dunes and beach home.

Detailed Itinerary

(For those of you that want to know EVERYTHING without the reality of doing it, we have written the story below - however we find it really hard to describe... so please read our trip advisor or facebook reviews - the people who write those are our actual clients and have written from the heart.)

We travel the same route as out existing Beach & Forest Eco Adventures - however expect more interpretation and interst in the flora. We will stop more often and it is not unusual to have a 6 hour tour at the end of the day... this also means we will try and run just the one trip - so please book in early to avoid disapointment.

Depart Pemberton at 9am or 2pm daily and commence an interpretive journey to the Warren National Park with explanations about the farmland vistas viewable from the comfort of your seat. Explore the Warren National Park; discover the old growth giant Karri forest amongst seemingly impenetrable bush trails.

You will experience a diversity of wildlife from Kangaroo's, snakes, emus and forest Red Tailed Black Cockatoo and other bird life unique to this pristine area. River valleys to towering Karri forest, down to the dense coastal forests, Graeme or Colin will reveal tales of Aboriginal history, early pioneering settlers and even show some of their early horse drawn trails in the security and comfort of our 4WD.

On entering the D'Entrecasteaux National Park we stop and give your time to stretch your legs on the banks of Dead man’s Lake and learn about its history. Make use of the facilities available and take a glimpse at the start of the largest landlocked sand dune system in the Southern Hemisphere.

We traverse the sandy tracks to the giant wall of sand looming above you; it is inevitable, the dunes will swallow the forest. Together we will ascend these dunes and experience the wonder of the Yeagarup sand dune system.


Driving through this pristine dune area, Graeme will stop so you can take in those memorable picture post card views and experience the desire to leave behind footsteps in the sands that will be smoothed away by winds direct from the Great Southern Ocean only a breath away.


For the young and young at heart, "Sand Angels" are a must! Help record the movement of the dunes, through a series of photo locations mapped out with the support of the local Deparment for Parks and Wildlife (DEC/DPaWs).

On the South side of the dunes, travel through coastal heath with ancient flora with its beautiful mass of wildflowers in season (Sept - Nov). On reaching the Great Southern Ocean you may wish to fly a kite, try your luck at fishing (afternoon tours only) or simply go for a short stroll. The mouth of the Warren River opens and closes, depending on the amazing powerful force of the water flow.

The endangered Hooded Plover and Fairy Tern nests can be seen in these areas. Data is collected during February on the tours in an effort to further understand these birds. Your help is greatly appreciated.

On returning to the Lake enjoy lunch or afternoon tea in the peaceful and natural bush setting before your return to civilisation at around 1pm or 6pm.

Graeme and Toni Dearle started Pemberton Discovery Tours in January 2000 and have successfully built up a quality tour guaranteeing a means of access for thousands of people to otherwise inaccessible coastline and the spectacular Yeagarup Dune System.


Their other tour products include the Pemberton Wine Tour, Surf Fishing Safari's, Tag along tours as well as a Bibbulmun Track Drop Off service to local points on the track.


About our flowers...


Western Australia is a well recognized destination for its stunning annual display of wildflowers. Around 11,000 flora species are found in WA and over 75% are found in the south-west, one of the top 10 biodiversity hotspots in the world.

Pemberton in the heart of the old-growth karri forest is an ideal location to experience the beauty of the south-west wildflower season. The season generally commences in late July with winter flowering orchids such as Helmet and Midge Orchids and the deep purple of tree hovea (Hovea elliptica) and from September through to November is the best time to capture the annual display of mass blooming.

The wildflowers in the karri transform through a range of colour phases, from the dark purples, to yellow, oranges, pink, white and through to light blue in November/December. The sight and smell of the wildflower displays in the karri in springtime is an amazing treat for the senses.

Common in the karri is the Water Bush (Bossiaea aquifolium), Karri Hazel (Trymalium floribundum), many different species of wattle, Tassel Bush (Leucopogon verticillatum), in addition to the beautiful Coral Vine (Kennedia coccinea), Flame Pea vines (Chorizema spp.), Native Wisteria (Hardenbergia comptoniana) and White Clematis (Clematis pubescens) which drape themselves over the undergrowth.


Spotting terrestrial orchids, of which over 30 species can be found in the Pemberton area, can be similar to a treasure hunt (warning: can be addictive once you’ve found your first one!).

The Pemberton region also contains many pockets of jarrah forest with equally spectacular wildflower displays.


D’Entrecasteaux National Park, which encompasses the coastline to the south of Pemberton, is home to a complex range of heathland plants that flower prolifically in a gorgeous show of colour and are generally flowering earlier than the karri.

There are many varied drives around the Pemberton area which enable you to get amongst some of these displays yourself, but to truly see the best of what’s on offer and to see the places the locals know about, a tour may be the answer.

All our tours depart with knowledgeable guides who know this area well and can share interesting facts and stories about the local flora. After all, we do have the second largest flowering plant in the world down this way (the karri). So, come on down and happy spotting. Don’t forget the camera.


Join us to discover true Southern Forest wilderness.

For a special experience, hop aboard one of our eco adventures for a magic experience through different terrains. If you can check out the reviews on trip advisor they are all for this one tour journey - it is an impressive and memorable tour.

Our tours take you out of reality for a little while and into a magical place - depending on the time of year the forest is amazing with some of the wildflowers seaming to float in amongst the trees - and photography options abound!


The Yeagarup dunes sometimes whip themselves up into a frenzy and if you are lucky you can see them on the move - it is an amazing sight to see! Again the ocean doesn't disappoint as the waves are huge and the ocean a million colours... Detailed itinerary..

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