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Slackpacking in Pemberton

Embark on a forest adventure, exploring Pemberton's trails in style.

Enjoy tailored transfers, trail maps, daytime meals, and track support on self-guided experience, with walk-in/walk-out options from your Accommodation.


Do you require Accommodation?

We can package this tour with our WA Wilderness camping accommodation options. Ask us more

Or ask our friends at the Pemberton Visitors Centre will be love to help!

Our services depart at a time convenient to you however usually between 8am and 11am (usually one time which can be prearranged depending on where you are staying)

We can seat a maximum of 13 passengers in our vehicle and you may find yourself upgraded to the larger vehicle due to the number of bookings. We will let you know beforehand. ​

Prices current to March 2025

(Increase on the 31/3/24)

Please note: We do prefer our clients contacting us direct via email phone 08 9776 0484 or whatsapp /wechat / sms to +61427133335 as we may have availability that has not been updated and also prefer to get to know you a little before we take you out!

We will redirect you to our booking page here to finalise and confirm your booking. 

We recently completed the Pemberton Trails Adventure and couldn't be more impressed with the experience.
From the very start, the team at Pemberton Discovery Tours provided exceptional service, making us feel well taken care of throughout the two days.
We appreciated the detailed information and helpful tips that made our adventure so enjoyable.
The tailored transfers, shorter than normal due to an old knee injury coupled with the support on the ground were invaluable, especially knowing we had someone to call if we needed assistance.
The scenery along the Bibbulmun Track was stunning, and the slackpacking option allowed us to enjoy it all without the heavy burden of full packs.
The picnic lunches were delicious, and the digital map and trail notes made navigation a breeze.
Having someone available locally in case of need gave us peace of mind and made the entire experience feel seamless and stress-free.
We highly recommend Pemberton Discovery Tours for anyone looking to explore the natural beauty of Pemberton with comfort and expert guidance.

Val & Bev 

May 2024

Pemberton Trails Adventure


Embark on a captivating 2-day trail adventure with Pemberton Discovery Tours. This journey takes you through the breathtaking landscapes of the Southern Forests and Valleys, blending comfort and adventure.


Base Package: 

From $290

A 2-day adventure for 2 people, includes track transfers, snacks, lunchtime meals, maps, and track assistance.

Additional Participants:

Extra Person: $86 per person for 2 days (add when booking) 


  • Private experiences: most of these walking breaks will be privately organised with your driver/guide transferring you and pointing you on your way. Self guided option where we set you on the right track.

  • Slackpacking, it's the new backpacking: Choose your own bed, you don't need to be camping. So you can enjoy the trails with just a light day pack, freeing you to fully appreciate the scenery and return to a comfortable warm bed at night.

  • Bib Breaks: 2 days of walking on the Bibbulmun Track, with a morning track transfer so you walk back to your accommodation or vehicle at your leisure. These days do not have to be consecutive, so you can add rest days to them to stretch your holiday out.

  • Or try a bite of the Munda Biddi: Experience the picturesque Munda Biddi Trail, bikes are available to hire at the Pemberton Pedal and Paddle (Pemberton General Store) so two days of transfers will enable you to ride back to return the bike at the end of your stay at your leisure.

  • Tailored Transfers: Convenient vehicle transfers tailored to your fitness levels. We operate 4WD vehicles so are able to reach most parts of the trails. So let us know if you would like to tailor your walk to a 5km, or 14km day or maximum 20km day.

  • Track Support: Knowledgeable staff available to assist when needed, you are not alone. A call or SMS at the end of the day will ensure peace of mind for us all.

  • Daytime Meals: A delicious salad picnic lunches and homemade snacks including seasonal fruit is included and will be collected and delivered to you when we collect you before your walk. There is also an option to include a winery lunch stop before heading on your way. 

  • Digital Map & Trail Notes: Navigate your journey effortlessly, a digital map will be provided prior to your departure and paper copies are available should you prefer.

  • Certificate of Achievement: Celebrate your adventure with a certificate and a completion treat from one of Pemberton’s bars or cafés.

Join us for an extraordinary adventure that blends the thrill of exploration with the comfort of full support. Immerse yourself in the enchanting trails of Pemberton, where every step reveals a new wonder. Book now to experience the magic of trails in Pemberton. 

Trails Background...

Pemberton Discovery Tours has been a key player in regional trail activities since the early 2000s, initially serving as the licensed transport operators for the Bibbulmun Track Foundation's 'Bib Breaks.'

Over the years, the company has facilitated significant developments in local trail infrastructure. Notably, Pemberton Discovery Tours contributed to the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation, and Attractions (DBCA) round table discussions during the development of the Munda Biddi Trail in the early 2000s, providing valuable local operator insights that helped shape the project.

The company has also played a crucial role in maintaining the visibility of the Gloucester Tree as a tourist attraction. This effort included collaborating with Murdoch University's Tourism and Events students, who focused their 2017, 2018 and 2019 theses on marketing Pemberton and its iconic trees as a destination.

The growth of the mountain bike park in Pemberton, driven in part by Mark Hudson, former Principal of the Pemberton Camp School, has also been supported by Pemberton Discovery Tours through volunteer efforts to ensure continued prioritisation by both government and local stakeholders.

For the past four years, Pemberton Discovery Tours has actively participated in the Pemberton Trails Committee, collaborating with DBCA, the Pemberton Cycling Committee, and the Pemberton Visitors Centre to enhance local trails.


In May 2024, they were as excited as everyone when it was announced that $13.5 million would be invested in enhancing Pemberton’s trail network, including the creation of several longer walking and mountain biking trails designed to connect the region's iconic experiences.

Part proceeds of these trail adventures will be returned to both the Bibbulmun Track Foundation, Munda Biddi Trail foundation and local visitors centres through the sale of maps and commissions. 


Important Information:

  • Coordinator Contact: Speak to our coordinator before setting off to finalise details.

  • Final Numbers: Confirm final numbers closer to the day of departure.

  • Dietary Considerations: Inform us of any dietary requirements in advance.

  • Walk-in/Walk-out Options: Flexible options to start and end your trek as per your convenience. We can assist with booking suitable places to stay which will mean you walk in or out of your accommodation and do not require a car. 

  • Accommodation, breakfast and dinner are not included in these prices. If you would like a packaged holiday contact us to tailor a package to suit your needs.

  • Longer walks and longer stays are also available – we can facilitate your trail holiday here in Pemberton to suit your fitness levels and length of holiday time. Check out our “Bibbulmun Track and Munda Biddi Transfers” option for more information. 

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