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Back from the brink

It’s hard to imagine 15 years ago we chose to purchase this land and plant trees…

With fantastic rains this year we have also seen numerous grasses grow and bugs return to the soil.

The trees we selected, and that have been most successful are salt tolerant species and of local providence and although we have had some tree deaths, the survivors are now flowering and fruiting.

Providing habitat to birds, lizards, bugs and other creatures.

Even the dead trees are doing their part in improving the carbon content of the soil and ground cover.

It is exciting to see the changes we have made to the landscape by planting the right type of plant. Our future plans do include ripping and mounding as most of our successful species are growing in our sample mounds.

We do have some special favourites and it’s always nice to see them thriving in this climate.

We are appreciative of everyone who joins us on our adventures - it enables us to give back in this unique way.

Thank you 😊


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