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The Mustangs were in town!

Karen, the brains and beauty (sorry Vince) behind Mr Mustang Hire has been enjoying spending time around our region, and has documented it all online in her new exciting blog, 'Ms Mu5tang & Co'. She has also shared her stories on Facebook and online on their website. I must admit, seeing what you do in writing sometimes makes you realise that you have a pretty fabulous business!

The links are below, we would love you to have a read, they have been a great advocate for local businesses for years, and we were fortunate enough to come runner up to their win for their previous business at the inaugural Southern Forest Business Awards a few years ago.

Karen wrote: "Visitors to the region can enjoy 4WD tours, canoeing, fishing, mountain biking along the world renowned Munda Biddi cycling trail and bush walking along the Bibbulmun walking track. For the gourmet, the Southern Forest food region is known for marron, truffles, fresh milk, and honey whilst the Pemberton wine region is recognised worldwide for the popular Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling and Pinot Noir wines. And of course a visit to Pemberton is not complete without a trip to the ever popular Jarrah Jacks Brewery or Holysmoke Gourmet Cafe situated alongside the Pemberton Fine Woodcraft Gallery (note unfortunately now all closed - new businesses have popped up.)

Some 20 years ago Graeme and Toni Dearle were offered an opportunity of a lifetime. To stop and re-evaluate their lives where they were working in South Australia and try something new and more aligned with their hearts. Toni's parents had been operating chalets in the region for several years and it was seen as a 'retirement dream' for the couple. The dream of a ‘tree-change’ for many is just that, a dream. However, a dream became a reality for this aspiring young couple and in September 1999 Graeme and Toni flew back to Pemberton, Western Australia to begin an off-road tour business exploring the beautiful forests and National Parks in the South West region.

A plan for ‘Pemberton Discovery Tours’ was drafted and Toni states ‘we started slowly with informal tours, fine tuning and perfecting our route until the end of 1999’. Fast forward to 2019 and what Toni and Graeme have created in the last two decades is outstanding. Having achieved and held quality Eco-Tourism Accreditation for eighteen years Pemberton Discovery Tours is a respectable and internationally renowned tour product that is constantly evolving. Memorable milestone events include renting a retail space before acquiring their own shop front in the main street of Pemberton, purchasing mountain bikes for hire, assisting with film locations, working with government bodies to create camping opportunities in the National Parks, and more recently opening the Pemberton Lodge."

Ok, like what she has written - just wait till you read the whole article!

Thanks for visiting Karen & Vince :) We loved your feedback and excitement over what we do!

PS - find out more!

Mr Mustang Hire Australia's South West Premium Chauffeured Mustang Service On-Demand Booking Service Authorisation No. 1000922 Telephone: +61 419 493 649

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