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New and Exciting things on offer in a Pemberton Christmas!

I started writing a list, and it started getting longer and longer. Now I feel a bit like Santa claus being nice!

We have some amazing things starting in our region and although we are currently a little sad as we have had a couple of negative things occur - mainly Andy from Pemberton Hiking and Canoeing deciding to retire (how dare he!) after some 30 years of creating amazing memorable experiences.

Anyhow I hope to entice him back - somehow....

The Gloucester and Bicentennial tree's are both open to view - but unfortunately require some engineering work to be done to the huts up the top so are closed for climbing at the moment.

But its not all doom and gloom. Christmas is exciting this year we have some BIG things happening.

  • Aerial Adventures Pemberton: Very Exciting! Set to open near the Gloucester Tree after Christmas 2023, promising thrilling aerial experiences - their website is currently under construction so use their Facebook page.

  • Pemberton Sportsclub : Serving meals from Wednesday to Saturday and once again hosting a spectacular 9pm New Year's Eve fireworks display this year.

  • WA Wilderness:  - We continue to offer bespoke camping experiences in the stunning Warren National Park.

  • Lavender Berry - Veska Cafe: – Revitalised under new ownership, offering delightful culinary experiences.

  • Georgy Scotts:  - A new smoke and grill culinary destination at the old Fine Woodcraft / Holy Smoke site.

  • Forest Lodge Resort: Expanded dining options to seven nights a week.

  • Grumpy's: The newly opened restaurant at the old Source Kitchen site in Pemberton, using local ingredients.

  • Crafty Barn: A unique craft accommodation place perfect for group crafting activities.

  • Pemberley of Pemberton : Private group wine tastings around the table with the owners at their vineyard.

  • Pumphill Farm: Offering yoga retreats and hay rides in the mornings most days.

  • RAC Karri Valley : Now open at the Lodge on the highway with their food van. Perfect for caravanners or people staying in the Beedelup area.

  • Ampersand Estates : Open 7 days per week with lunch hampers available and Pizza’s available during the day on weekends.

  • Pemberton Hotel : Lined up with various music and entertainment events throughout the year.

  • Gatsby's Manjimup : Cabaret lounge in Manjimup featuring international acts for an entertaining night out; bus or limo service from Pemberton.

  • Pemberton Discovery Tours : Yes this is us again! Ready for the busy period with additional eco-tours through the enchanting Yeagarup Dunes, we have also put on an additional vehicle and we have Aaron, our new tour guide join us - whom we love and welcome into our team.

  • Pemberton Tramway : Recently purchased and refurbished by a local family, twice daily tours from the Tramway station.

  • Balang Miya (Pemberton Visitors Centre): The new co-location, combining the Visitors Centre , Community Resource Centre, Chamber of Commerce, RSL, and Library will have a grand opening soon – we hope this will be pretty special and look forward to the combined website opening shortly.

  • Wendy has been talking about recommencing her Bug and Frog tours - fingers crossed they will start again shortly at Big Brook Dam.

And so much more!


It’s the end of an era with us as we say farewell to the Pemberton Lodge. Previously the Pemberton Discovery Centre affectionally known as ‘my shop’. We wish the new owners all the best and look forward to seeing what it becomes in its next life.

A huge thank you to our team for keeping this place looking amazing!

Colin, Judd, magical Jude, Jackie & Barry not to mention Mum and Dad.

Our WA Wilderness Glamping for Campers is still running, starting a little slower this year whilst we confirmed our location in the National Park.

We are still operating from Drafty’s and are anticipating moving to a new part of the National Park from Spring next year.

It is very exciting for us, the new location is completely without phone signal so we know it will give a lot of people the escape they want when they go camping.

We still have spaces for this year, pre and post Christmas, so feel free to jump online and book here :

Looking Forward to 2023

As we move towards Birak, the first summer, we're filled with excitement for the adventures and new experiences that await in the new year. We can't wait to welcome you back and share the many wonders of Pemberton with you.

Wishing you a joyous festive season and a new year brimming with discovery, adventure, and unforgettable moments.

So we hope to see you return to Pemberton soon, we have so much to offer and are incredibly excited to continue upgrading and updating this list.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Graeme, Toni, Colin, Aaron, John, Ren (aka Mum and Dad), Jude, Jackie, Barry and the rest of our wonderful team!


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