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Annual Beach Cleanup - 10th Anniversary!!

Pemberton Discovery Tours is thrilled to announce the 10th anniversary of our annual beach

clean-up event, happening on the 4th and 5th of November this year. This monumental

occasion marks a decade of dedicated community effort.

Over the past nine years, we've collected over 8000kg of rubbish, almost 20,000 litres in volume, 83km of rope, with the

assistance of 220 volunteers and counted almost 30,000 pieces of rubbish. WOW!

After the success of last year's effort, where an astonishing 1000kg of rubbish was collected,

we are calling on the community to join us once again as we tackle the ongoing issue of litter

on our beautiful beaches.

In collaboration with Trackcare WA, we will be returning to Callcup and Yeagarup Beaches.

Last year's clean-up showed a significant improvement in Yeagarup's cleanliness, but the

fight against littering continues. Your participation will help us make an even more

considerable difference this year.

The 2022 clean-up brought forth a disappointing discovery of cans and bottles left behind by campers and fisher people. But with the 10c can collection initiative and ongoing fundraising by our local schools, there's now an even stronger reason to keep our community clean and free of litter.

We invite all community members, including schools, businesses, and local families, to

participate in this essential environmental effort. Let's keep the momentum going and

prioritise the preservation of our natural surroundings.

A special thanks to Grant and the rest of the team from Trackcare WA for organising and

coordinating our volunteers, Parks and Wildlife for trailer hire and signage, Shire of Manjimup

for dump access, Tangaroa Blue for data collection, and Keep Australia Beautiful Council for facilitating the necessary logistics.

This year, join us for a fulfilling weekend dedicated to protecting the environment we all

cherish. Sunday morning we will be departing from the Crossings Bakery at 9 am. Limited

seats are available; however, tag along opportunities exist – it's a great way to test out your 4WD!

Contact Toni & Graeme at Pemberton Discovery Tours to get involved.

Together, let's make a difference and ensure that our beautiful beaches remain clean and

safe for everyone to enjoy 😊

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