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Happy 25th Birthday Bibbulmun Track!

It's the 25th anniversary of the full Bibbulmun Track and to celebrate, the foundation have organised an end to end walk with an extraordinary group of members.

They arrived in Pemberton Thursday 17th August 2023

Lead by legend guide and Event Manager, Steve Sertis, the kids from St Joseph's Primary lead the walkers on a parade through town to the Sportsclub where townsfolk and invited guests enjoyed a drink, a chat and sausage sizzle with the tired but happy walkers.

Ken from the foundation, Jane Kelspie MLA and John Mackenzie from Parks and Wildlife spoke highly about the influence the trail has on country towns.

Acknowledging the townsfolk and community with a special print certificate which was presented to the Pemberton Visitors Centre Manager, Petula.

The track has been around for a while - it was originally started in the 80's but wasn't until 1998 that the full trail from Kalamunda to Albany was opened.

Pemberton Discovery Tours have been offering track transfers for the past 23 years and have enjoyed discovering the seasonal nooks and crannies that make the trail so interesting.

We tend to specialise in transfers North from Donnelly River to Pemberton and South to Mt Cook and work with the Transwa bus and other operators to ensure that walkers get the best value and assisted option.

We use our 4WD vehicles to get into the trickier places - there is a list here of our Northerly drop off locations:

  • Donnelly River

  • Mack Rd

  • Tom Rd

  • Gregory Rd

  • Graphite Rd

  • Chapels Bridge

  • Palings Bridge

  • Lease Rd

  • Seven Day Rd

  • Waistcoat Rd

  • Beedelup Rd

  • Karri Valley Resort

  • Beedelup Falls

  • Channybearup Rd

  • Stirling Rd

  • Tramway Trail

  • Big Brook Dam

  • Rainbow Trail

South is the same but usually

  • Mt Cooke

  • Dog Pool Rd

  • Chesapeake Rd South

  • Chesapeake Rd North

  • Gardiner River

  • Andrew Rd

  • Northcliffe

  • Middleton Rd

  • Lane Poole Rd

  • Karri Hill Cottages

  • Hill View Rd

  • Wheatley Coast Rd

  • Moons Crossing

  • River Rd Bridge

  • Collins Rd

  • Gloucester Rd

  • Cascades

  • Gloucester Tree

And everywhere in between.

We hope we are still here to help for the 50th anniversary!


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