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5 ways to walk the Bibbulmun Track... with your friends and family

Walking the Bibbulmun Track is a bucket list item for many people we have met on our journey. Here are some suggestions for making it easy for you, a friend or a family member to make it achievable. 1. Break it into achievable bites... we have met some inspirational people since we started our business, one of which had severe Tourette's syndrome - this did not stop her one bit - she broke down the walk into bite size bits she knew she could manage. Eg have you thought of changing the day walk distance from 22km to 14km? 2. 1000km trail over one year - scary! 1000km as a 10 year plan = 100km per year... more achievable. Can you fit into your year 3 weekends away to walk the track? 

3. Don't be a princess (you are welcome 😄 ) Is it absolutely imperative to walk North to South or South to North - in the same direction?

Do you really need to walk with no gaps? What is stopping you from jumping over the place - make it into a holiday you want to be on with different destinations each time you walk! The ease of pick up and drop offs can also help if you are flexible... there are TransWA buses which maybe able to drop you off however won't be able to pick up and whilst some walks are shorter a one way track transfer may give you the security of walking back to your car.

An idea - print out a map of the track - stick it up on the pantry door and highlight the sections as you do it - kind of like a child's dot-to-dot. 4. Create a team... who are you walking with? Are you catching up regularly (it doesn't matter if you haven't 😜). Have you spoken to the Bib track foundation (they can point you in the right direction for a local expert to assist you with your walk). Your starting group of friends may not be your ending group - everyone is on their own journey so be prepared to change your plans. The foundation can also help find a walking buddy if you find yourself with extra days off and no one available to be your partner. 5. Track Transfers - our specialty here in Pemberton - so contact the people on the ground - they will do their best to check on conditions or assist you with finding our track and trail problems prior to you stepping onto the trail... also assist with storing a car if required. These include small town Taxi and tour operator services on the trail. Making sure your transport is registered with Parks and Wildlife is one way to ensure you will be dropped off at the right place!


Some 18 years ago we were asked if we could help the Bibbulmun Track foundation with their holiday packages - by giving walkers options for safe and reliable track transfers. We now have our Bunkhouse accommodation available for small groups (up to 12 people) which makes it really easy to walk the trails around Pemberton. We can assist with track transfers from Donnelly River Holiday Village through to Walpole - and will happily guide you through the safest and best way to move around the Southern Forest Region.🌳❤️🌳 Check us out online or call Toni on 08 9776 0484 for more information! PS - I start my Bib track odyssey this year - if your looking for a local walking buddy give me a call! 😊 

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