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Corporate, team building exclusive experiences

Are you trying to find something unique, creative and memorable for your next work event?

We have had the opportunity to create some pretty amazing experiences for groups here in Pemberton and would love to share what we have done and their feedback with you.

We recently hosted a group of 10 managers from around Australia at the Pemberton Lodge, packaging their meals, tours, competitions in a bespoke itinerary made it an easy and unique experience for them. Please note the lodge has now sold.

This company was looking to create a more inclusive team, especially considering the distance between their offices, an increase in zoom and online meetings and lack of face to face interactions.

Getting together in person creates meaningful conversations and shared experiences that can help improve your companies strategic decisions.

Example bespoke Pemberton itineraries.

Another group we recently hosted searched for a meaningful nature experience for their team of enthusiastic developers. It was a large company whose growth has been exponential so building that strong team was important to management. They found us online and together we created a bespoke itinerary for their company, resourcing other operators from our region which included local bus drivers, hiking guides, food outlets, our team and other family members (of course).

This created a massive Pemberton experience which the staff were immersed into; forests, flowers, dunes, our stunning coastline and local delicious food. Including a natural walk through the forests via waterfalls and back to their location it gave them an insight into the native flora, fauna, geology and natural biodiversity which we know will be included in future developments. We are honoured to host this group and excited to see their future endeavours.

Another young company who is striving ahead in content creation and social media joined us recently for an immersive wine experience. Once again we created a bespoke itinerary and managed a side trip to the pub to catch the end of the grand final before enjoying a Pemberley wine experience before heading back to Ampersand. It was a memorable day filled with incredible food, stunning scenery, my bad taste in music, laughs and fantastic wine. Thanks for joining us!! #Soperth

If you are interested in hosting your next work event, unique Christmas function or promotion here in Pemberton, we would love to make it unique, so please contact us. It's always a good idea to send an email describing your thoughts, the dates and any background - and the best time for us to call you back!

Here are some ideas:

  • Unique 4WD experiences (and tag along tours)

  • Ecotourism biodiversity tours

  • Bespoke wine tours

  • Transport, Bib track and Munda Biddi support and bush walks.


  • We work with all the local accommodation houses as well as:

  • Pemberton Lodge (now closed)

  • Yeagarup Hut - 4WD accessible only camping hut

  • WA Wilderness - bush camping in the Warren National Park where all you do is turn up and enjoy!

We love hosting companies and creating a more cohesive team so look forward to your enquiry.


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