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Unearthed Pemberton - happening this May 2019

Have you heard about Unearthed Pemberton? The Unearthed festival came about from a group of people who recognised that visitors to the region, although curious, had no idea of the hidden treasures concealed behind our 'tourist mecca' and small town hospitality. Giving guests an experience where they can see behind the farm gates and into the true nature of living in this region. Whether it is a farm experience or adventure into the National Parks, this May there will be some unique and fabulous experiences available to everyone who ventures here to the Southern Forest Region.

WARNING: It can be a lifechanging experience (We know - there are at least 5 new families moved to the region just because of the hospitality, kindness and beauty that lies beneath getting off and out of the traditional tourist drive.)

From behind the scenes Truffle tours to Fingerlime Tours, Art in the Vines to cocktail functions and art exhibitions. It will be a wonderful time to visit the region.

We have taken our "Beach & Forest Eco Adventure" and given it a little twist... converting it to an afternoon adventure to the Yeagarup Dunes for some photography, fun with some local food and wine. The Dune Safari is designed to be at a slower pace to our normal adventure; totally dependant on the group we have onboard as we will be limiting capacity to 13.

Keen to join us? You can book direct on our BOOK NOW Page

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