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Making the most of the camera in your pocket.

We have met many people traveling through our region who drag along their old faithful camera - and are devistated if they forget it or find the battery flat or the SD card full prior to jumping on a tour.

We often forget that the little computer on our pocket possibly has a higher resolution than the camera we bought 5 years ago!

For hints, tricks and hacks there are a number of websites that start you on the right track the Great Walks or Hubspot's Marketing Blog website is a good start for the more experienced user but to start off you may just have to find a quiet coffee shop and play with your phone to find and use the camera icon.

Usually you will find that the volume switch or on off button may have a role in taking the image - this can be easier than pushing the onscreen button.

Finding, using and playing with your phone settings to create amazing images is just the start.

Once you have returned from your holiday with all your fabulous images you can then (again finding your favourite cafe) upload them to a photo book site and receive a hard copy coffee table book for you to enjoy!

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