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Welcome Western Australian’s

We have seen a number of Western Australian’s take advantage of exploring their own home state - it’s been absolutely amazing!

With the #wanderoutyonder vouchers and #adventureawaits - it’s a fabulous time to see what is in your own backyard, learn a bit about our natural environment and realise just how good our state is as a tourist attraction. Pemberton and the Southern Forests and Valleys is certainly showing it’s colours at the moment and with fields of green it’s a special place to visit!

Currently we have some wonderful displays of wildflowers - they will last until early November. Its a beautiful time to visit.

Our doitinwa promocode is still available for direct bookings - or visit the Pemberton Visitors Centre for using your Wander out yonder vouchers.

Graeme and I look forward to seeing you soon 🥰


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