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Tag along with your new car (or hire one for your holiday!)

We recently enjoyed the company of a French couple who decided to make their holiday in Australia a bit more adventurous than the normal when they hired a car from Australian 4WD hire. Getting off the beaten track, and doing it safely was important to them, so they chose the tag along option to join us!

The Jeep Wrangler is not our favourite vehicle - we don't recommend the 2011 model, but this late version Jeep they hired was more than capable to tackle our tour route - and these guys had a lot of fun doing it too!

Graeme produced a video of the tour - feel free to share! These guys had a blast!

So if you are considering a 4WD experiences. Contact us via phone or email or view our Tag along page on this site. Then give Jake and his team at Australian 4WD hire a call on 1300 360 339. They will be more than comfortable in providing a vehicle suitable for your next adventure - and recommending us as an option to learn a little more about using their car!

Thanks Gabi!

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