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Wow what a ride!

The past few months have been exciting for us, with the added media attention placing a spotlight on the beautiful town of Pemberton Western Australia and the Southern Forest region in terms of quality accommodation, amazing food and memorable tour experiences. 

On the 29th April Destination WA showcased our Beach & Forest Eco Adventure tour with Chrissy. It was a fabulous day out filming and the dunes look amazing (like always!) there is nothing quite like the #Yeagarupdunes all to yourself in the middle of the D’Entrecasteaux National Park - beauty, wonder, awe and peace all wrapped into one destination. Certainly one of Mother Nature’s great achievements. 

If you missed it you can watch it here .  


With the 2018 Truffle Kerfuffle starting soon on the 22nd June, our tours have also been included on the itinerary to make the event encompass the whole region. 

You may have noticed Graeme’s Instagram posts tagging the event to help bring awareness to more than just the black gold aka black  Truffle - and to cement this region as an ecotourism destination.

As part of the story from the region the tours have been included in articles around Australia including this one from The Sydney Morning Herald . A great promotion of the region! 


We have to give our friends at #AustraliasSouthWest a huge shoutout and thank you - the recent photo shoot with #FrancesAndrijich has given a memorable library of imagery for promoting the #Southwest and #SouthernForests - we spent the day with Frances and Sarah taking them to our secret spots so their library includes some of the best locations we know about! You can see them pop up in editorials and stories about the region - beautiful imagery 😊.


Flight network have included us as one of the top 31 experiences in Australia - wow what an honour!!! You can have a read or check it out here.

A huge thank you to everyone involved in promoting this stunningly beautiful region.  

Graeme & Toni 

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