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The BEST Singapore School Holiday activities to do in the Southern Forest Region ❤️🌳❤️🌳❤️

Winter has arrived with crisp clear starry night skies, misty mornings snuggling up to a fire at night. This is also the time of year when Singapore families find Pemberton an attractive place to visit - 🌳☔️☔️🌳

The following activities have found their way onto many check lists:

Trout fishing for your dinner! Yes King Trout have reopened and rebranded as ' Old Vasse Trout and Marron Farm ' where you can catch your trout and have it cleaned! Most restaurants in town will happily cook your catch and serve it with chips and salad - a worthy feast for you and your family!!! Closed Wednesdays. 

Lavender Pancakes - at the Pemberton Lavender Berry Farm  - and they continue to be amazing!!! But watch out as often eyes can be bigger than your stomach! Open Wednesday - Sunday from 9.30am.

Yeagarup Dunes Adventure : this would be our number one activitiy for Singaporean families - a fun and safe adventure suitable for the whole family (yes bring 奶奶, 外婆/姥姥, 外公/姥爷and 爷爷) 

The 'Beach & Forest Eco Adventure is a 4.5 hour experience taking in the Yeagarup Dunes, the old growth Forest and then driving along the beautiful beach to the mouth of the Warren River - and has been a favourite for many families traveling to and through the region.

The dunes are 4WD accessible only and a degree of skill is required. 

This tour can also be done as a tag along in your own 4WD - a good way of trying out a new 4WD or discovering another corner of Australia safely. If you are travelling from overseas please confirm your hire vehicle is insured for travelling off-road. You may find jumping onboard a more exciting experience!

Learn about the forest, the trees and the unique animals.

There are so many activities and adventures to discover - another must do (but don't have to do the lot) is the self drive Karri Forest Explorer drive takes you past 2 of the regions climbing trees; the Gloucester Tree is located in Pemberton township and the Bicentennial Tree is in the Warren National Park - both fire towers are a must see but not necessarily a must do - it is totally up to the individual!

Whatever you do - breath deeply, take only photos (and share with your friends back home 😜☺️) You are in one of the greenest places on this planet - and we welcome you.

Before you go - download a copy of the map to your device 😄 the phone numbers can really help you plan your holiday!

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