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Great Southern Ocean

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We are so grateful for the familiarisation experiences and tours we have been able to host over the years and hope this page gives you ideas on how we can work together.

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About us: Pemberton is located in the Southern Forests and Valleys region of the South West Corner of Western Australia - around 100km from the Margaret River Region enroute along the South West Edge tourism drive. 

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Welcome  to Karri Country!

It has been our pleasure to showcase our main tour product to you today. The information below will hopefully help describe and promote our tours.


Our mission and motto is “THE BEST IS OFF THE HIGHWAY” and you should of experienced it yourself today on our tour.

Pemberton Discovery is a nature based eco certified Tour Company operating out of Pemberton with a focus on eco-adventure tours, owned and operated as a partnership between husband & wife team, Graeme & Toni Dearle along with Colin (our fantastic guide).

“Tours enable visitors to experience the best a town has to offer. Guides share their knowledge of the area’s secrets that would otherwise not have been discovered…”

Our tours offer a fantastic view of our National Parks as they showcase the beauty of the Australian Bush with a personalised interpretation on what you see and do. The office location at the Pemberton Discovery Centre gives the perfect location for discovering the best kept secrets, off the highway, through the Southern Forests region; not to mention makes a great waiting room for the tours.

Our Eco certification allows us to spread the message about sustainable tourism product - and we hope this electronic form of our usually printed Media Pack assists!

Inbound agents please click here to receive our Info pack - we hope the simple format makes it easier to load onto your system.

Below you will find further information on our tours:

Beach and Forest Eco Adventure

(click on link to open the detailed description on this website.)

Duration: 4 - 4.5 hours (please stipulate when booking whether we need to be 'ontime' as we can drag our feet - our mentality is if the client is happy we are happy - but this doesn't work with schedules)


Start time: usually 9am however we can offer a 2pm tour of the same duration instead. Please note we are able to be slightly flexible for groups.

Departure: from the Crossings Bakery in Pemberton's main street. Again, we are able to collect from accommodation places for private groups only. 


  • Explore Yeagarup Dunes, a unique inland sand Dunes blowing towards the forests of Pemberton 

  • Travel by comfortable 4WD vehicle in small, intimate groups with knowledgably guides.

  • Discover the old growth Karri forests, inland rivers and lakes

  • Drive along the beach to the mouth of the Warren River where it meets the sea

  • Enjoy a picnic lunch in the forest with new friends.


50 Words:

Experience the Yeagarup Dunes, the largest landlocked sand dune system in the Southern Hemisphere, Magnificent old growth Karri Forest, Wildflowers in season and the Warren River as it reaches the Southern Ocean. Lunch or afternoon tea included. This is the perfect way to discover WA - off the Highway!



Please visit our Instagram Pages for up-to-date images taken on our daily tours. - is Graeme's feed from the tours and more business imagery is located on

You are also welcome to use images on our Dropbox drive, please acknowledge the photographer - Graeme Dearle :

 should you require higher resolution image please do not hesitate to contact us!

Other stuff:

Pemberton Discovery Tours takes you off road through the best Pemberton has to offer and is one of the most diverse tours you will ever experience – definitely a missed opportunity if not taken.

99% of our clients have rated this tour as 5 Stars on Trip Advisor (based on 395 reviews) with the majority of them stating ‘this tour has been the highlight of our holiday!’

The half-day tour takes approximately 4hrs and travels through the old growth Karri forest in the Warren National Parks, through the Yeagarup Dunes to the Great Southern Ocean, and on to the mouth of the Warren River in the D’Entrecasteaux National Park.

Lunch is included in the morning tour and afternoon tea is included in the afternoon tour. We will be looking at changing the afternoon tours to include a 'sundowner' drink and snacks on the Dunes or beach depending on the day.

Tag along vehicles are welcome to join us on our offroad adventures and we will be

The Yeagarup Sand Dunes are unbelievable and awe inspiring. Landlocked sand dunes are a rare occurrence and this sample is a sudden change from the towering Karri forest.


Another hidden secret is the Great Southern Ocean, which is only 35km from town (4WD only) and not normally associated with Pemberton. The journey between the dunes and beach travels through some of the best Wildflowers in the state during September to November each year.

Wildflower Tours


Our 'Beach & Forest Eco Adventure' goes technicolour during September through to November - so it is the same tour with an emphasis on our flora.


Our guides travel through coastal heath country, which is a colourful kaleidoscope with wildflowers from September through to the end of November. The tour is completed with a journey through the old growth Karri forest in the Warren National Park, which is awash with many other wildflowers such as the Karri Star or Clematis and numerous hidden orchids.

This area is consistently a riot of colour during our wildflower season. We believe it is Western Australia’s hidden treasure. Many tourists who join us say that they had seen the best wildflowers in the state on our tour – and they had been following the wildflower trail across Australia... it is a little different from other areas as we have more specific, small delicate flowers; not a sea of one variety.

Full Day 4WD Black Point Tour

Experience the basalt columns of Black Point. This tour departs at 9am and visits Lake Jasper, the largest fresh water lake in Western Australia, Black Point and the home of the Goblins before returning back to Pemberton in the evening.

Visit the basalt columns of Black Point, formed over 135 Million years ago by a volcanic eruption which filled the Perth basin with basalt. As it cooled it formed the hexagonal columns you can see now.

Visit the Goblins - a local secret - this is another location for golem’s home…


Visit Lake Jasper - which just happens to be the largest natural freshwater lake in Western Australia. Fed by the Yarragadee Aquifer, and dammed by the same basalt that forms the columns at Black Point, it has no streams running into or out of its banks.

Munda Biddi Trail drop off service


The Munda Biddi is a 1000km ride through the South West of Western Australia and a section of it enters Pemberton opposite our office.

Bibbulmun Track drop off service


The Bibbulmun Track is a 1000km walk trail which stretches from Kalamunda in the hills of Perth through Pemberton to Albany, following the migratory trail of the Bibbulmun Aboriginal tribe.

From a 2 hour walk to five days, we drop off as far north as Donnelly River Holiday Village and as far south as Walpole. We also have contacts in other towns that can help make the walk a little easier and safer.

WA Wilderness

One step from Nature with Catered camping in the National Parks


This product is perfect for first time campers and international visitors as the perfect camp site is put together before they arriver – all that is missing is the camper!


Visit or for more info.

Pemberton Lodge

Family and group fully self contained holiday home in the centre of Pemberton Town. The lodge has a 9 hole minigolf and outdoor bbq hut as well as large undercover veranda suitable for families and groups to enjoy all the ammenties of Pemberton, without having to drive or leave town. 

Visit for more information. 

You may wish to consider adding one of our eco adventure tours or tour and camping packages to any itinerary as an optional adventure activity between Margaret River and Albany – over the past 17 years it has proved to become many clients’ highlight to their Australia’s South West experience.

Many thanks once again for considering including us on your southwest story/ product.


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We aim to create memories for your clients and readers - and have been successful in doing this since 1999.

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Do you require images? Our most up to date imagery is located on Graeme's Instagram page so if you would love images please let us know which ones and what resolution! 

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