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Mountain Bike Hire

--- Mountain bikes are a great way to explore the hills and forests surrounding the town of Pemberton and with the 30 plus km of trails at the Pemberton Forest Park - Pemberton Mountain Bike Park, a ride through the forest just became a lot more fun!

Mountain Bike Hire


Mountain Bikes are available to hire from the Pemberton General Store.

These Scott Mountain bikes are suitable for the Munda Biddi as well as the skills loop at the Pemberton Mountain Bike trails. We are happy to assist with logistics in transporting  riders and bikes. 

For further information on Mountain biking in Pemberton visit the website - you can also download the maps online for the Pemberton Forest Park Mountain Bike maps as well as a great day ride to Big Brook Dam visiting wineries along the way.

Please book your bikes in advance to ensure availability by phoning Lionel and Sheree on 08 9776 1151

For more information on the Munda Biddi click HERE.

Thank you for your enquiry! We can also be reached through Private Message on Facebook.