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4WD Safari Vehicles to mini buses and more

We operate from the Pemberton Discovery Centre with a fleet of 3 vehicles - and have access to a lot more buses through our networks when required by our customers.

The Toyota Arkana


A heavily modified 13 passenger vehicle built by Arkana Body Builders in Bayswater.

They were involved with a company called Redback Safari who first initiated the 'tour' vehicle; with side door conversions - Arkana managed to work with the tour company to produce a vehicle even Toyota were able to certify as road worthy.

This girl is one of the last ones built (I have a photo of our youngest in a pram when we went to the factory to see them being built back in 2002).

She is a 2000 model originally a HZJ79 series (trayback ute) - however as it takes a year to build didn't see the road until 2001.

Arkana literally cut the whole back away - rebuilding a new chassis and 12 passenger seating capacity in the rear (total of 14 including the driver).

The vehicle's chassi is around 700mm longer than a traditional HZJ79 - and the total build is around 1.2m longer than a ute.

With Redback Safari assisting they worked out the best diff and transmission.

She operates now with a 2005 1HDT-FTE 6 cylinder Toyota Turbo, 80 series GXL transmission and rear & centre diff.

As you can tell I love this car...

  • Seating capacity 13

  • 4WD

  • Childseat compatable*


The Toyota Prado

We have recently upgraded the Prado to provide a more luxurious ride.

Suitable for up to 6 passengers, this vehicle is used for smaller tour groups and private charters.

  • Seating capacity 6

  • 4WD

  • Childseat compatable

The Toyota Commuter (aka the party bus)

This little bus is great for our wine tours - it has heaps of personality and a pretty good sound system. We also use this as an overflow bus with our friends in town doing private transport for Weddings and parties.

  • Seating capacity 13

  • 2WD

  • Childseat compatable

What our clients say!

Graeme is a knowledgeable guide and very good 4wd operator along some challenging sand dunes...


..We felt safe and secure with our knowledgable and friendly guide...


...We couldn't have driven ourselves to some of the places we visited....

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